About the company

Ecodolie Group is the leading company in low-rise affordable development in Russia.

Ecodolie Group was founded in October 2007. Since then it retains the leading position in the low-rise building market. The company aims to satisfy to public increasing demand for affordable entry-level and middle income houses in Russia. Being a prominent leader in ‘Affordable housing construction’ federal program, company uses the best international practices and innovative technologies to develop comfortable homes with superb quality and lower expenses. The fundamental principles of Ecodolie are Cost Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness and Energy Efficiency.

"In our work we focus on global trends in the construction industry, using innovative solutions and modern technology. Therefore, our homes are of a high quality, affordability and energy efficiency. Ecodole Group has become the first Russian company, to be awarded with FIABCI Prix d'Excellence for the environment friendliness in low-rise construction. The prestige of this award in the international market is very high. We hire the best architects and designers to work with our projects. We are laying the effective technical solutions at the stage of detailed design, which allows us to build quality housing at an affordable price. Our professional approach is based on consideration of our present and future customers’ needs and wants, honesty and on meeting of our long and short-term commitments."

General Director, Ecodolie Group Konstantin Filippishin