Mission and Vision

Project mission: We build comfortable and affordable homes with superb quality. We create new communities, a new lifestyle and a new environment through integrated development.


The management of the Company has unique experience and expertise in low-rise development. The core competencies of the management include the following:

  • Selection of the region and construction site from the technological and economical prospective;
  • Implementation of the best Russian and international practices in design and construction of houses and social infrastructure;
  • Sales – the Company currently performs all sales in-house without any outsourcing activities. The Company uses new mortgage products “House with Landlot” and “Low-Rise Development” and “Move” specially developed by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.


The Company uses advanced international construction technologies based on clients’ preferences and specific features of the region. The Company cooperates with specialized committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Energy Agency and state corporations, such as Housing and Public Utilities Fund, Russian Housing Development Foundation, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs and ROSNANO.

Being the most significant player in the Russian low-rise development market, the Company is becoming a potential center of consolidation in this market. The Ecodolie Group is a member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), National Agency for Low-Rise Housing (NAMIKS), Green Building Council of Russia (RuGBC), International Academy of Mortgage and Real Estate (MAIN) and other public organizations.

Paying particular attention to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, Ecodolie widely implements energy-saving technologies and energy efficiency materials in low-rise construction.

Along with international trends, the Company uses innovative technologies from Russian manufacturers including NEOPOR insulation with graphite nano-additives, SunGuard double glass panels with magnetron sputter deposition and LED lamps. Class A homes are equipped with solar batteries, heat pumps, heliosystems and recuperative heat exchangers.

The settlements are designed with architectural innovations of Perkins Eastman and Korda (USA) which feature landscaping, curved roads and alleys, artificial lakes and streams, integration of all residential units with park areas.