Eco-Activities in Ecodolie!


Ecodolie always pays special attention to environmental issues. Environmental protection and improvement of ecological situation in regions is an integral part of the Company’s policy. As part of the ‘Year of Environmental Protection’ Ecodolie Group of Companies arranges a number of environmental events in its projects. This summer a separate waste collection system was implemented in Ecodolie Orenburg residential complex.

In June, 2013 special containers for collection of plastic bottles were installed in the settlement. This opportunity to get rid of plastic blockages in an environmentally friendly manner was already appreciated by both the settlement residents and specialists of Ecoservice operator, as plastic bottles fill a third of an ordinary garbage can. Dedicated tanks will free up garbage cans and help reduce the frequency of garbage removal.

Once plastic bottles are collected they are sent to a special workshop in Orenburg, where they are sorted, cleared, dried, crushed, processed to raw materials for synthetic fibers and packed into bags. Then they are sent from Orenburg to known Russian companies Komitex and Nomotex in the form of finished raw materials. There recycled plastic will be used for production of linoleum, packing tape, film, tile, paving flags, textile, padding polyester, car mats, used in geotextile and in construction of roads. It is known that the process of plastic bottle decomposition takes 200 years, and its burning releases toxic air-polluting smoke. PET disposal in special containers helps avoid negative environmental impacts.

In July 2013 Ecodolie Orenburg saw the installation of a special container for collection of used power supplies – batteries. In general, batteries account for over 50% of all toxic metals in household wastes. Flat batteries contain mercury, lead, cadmium, tin, nickel, zinc and magnesium. They are most often thrown away in ordinary waste bins and get to city dumps together with other garbage. Since the majority of landfill sites are not equipped with modern waterproofing, contents of batteries freely get into groundwater after casing destruction.

One AA battery can poison 1 cubic meter of soil or 400 l of water. Decomposition process of a battery dumped as scrap takes 7,860 years. One way of correct disposal of batteries is to collect them in special containers for further transfer to disposal or processing at special plants. The majority of batteries can be processed.

Ecodolie Orenburg settlement also has a free mobile center receiving used energy-saving lamps from the population – Ecomobil. Along with lamps Ecomobil also accepts mercury thermometers and other devices containing mercury, dead accumulators, batteries, varnishes and paints.

Correct waste management is another step to cleaner environment. The Company together with the settlements’ residents plans to promote culture of reasonable waste collection in all Ecodolie projects.