"Ecodolie Development" and "Etalon-Invest" sign an agreement on strategic partnership

On the 5 of August, 2015, in the framework of the Builder’s day. The Management Company "Ecodolie Development", which takes the leading positions in the market of integrated low-rise suburban construction, and the company "Etalon-Invest", which is part of one of the largest developers in Russia - GK "Etalon", entered into the agreement of strategic partnership in the realization of real estate for consumers.

The partnership involves the establishment of organizational and informational ties, maintaining a joint information space and the data exchange about real estate, which is build, and which is under construction.

In practice, the agreement provides that sales office will mutually offer buildings of Partner Company to the interested potential customers.

«This partnership will allow us to expand the marketing scope of the market.We do not have projects in the multi-story city building, and the "Etalon-Invest" does nothave low-rise suburban housing projects.At the same time, some of our potential customers to the date of purchase doubt in choosing between a city apartment and private house or townhouse. Now they can explore all the advantages of different formats and make informed choice in the same place."Said the general director of "Ecodolie Development" Konstantin Filippishin after the signing of the agreement.

"The project of" Etalon-Invest "and" Ecodolie Development "have much in common.We implement our projects in an integrated development of territories and try to offer the market affordable and quality buildings."Ecodolie Development" makes it in low-rise sector, mainly in the suburbs;And we construct apartment buildings of comfort class in the city. The signing of the partnership agreement –it is one more step towards our potential buyers, who now have an additional alternative choice."- Said General Director of "Etalon-Invest" Daniel Seledchik.

Group of companies "Ecodolie" was founded in October 2007.Investor is the largest in Eastern Europe direct investment fund Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund IV and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.GC "Ecodolie" implements projects of complex low-rise buildings of multi-format residential complexes (individual houses, townhouses, blocks of low-rise houses).All of them are affordable andare builtin a single architectural concept with full engineering and social infrastructure (central communications, schools and kindergartens, sports parks, and so on. n.), using international best practices and innovative technologies.The company is a leader in the Russian market in this segment and participates in a number of national and regional programs of stimulating housing construction, particularly in the program "Housing for the Russian family."For today, there are someactively implementing projects of residential complexes in Moscow and Kaluga regions, Samara, Orenburg and Yekaterinburg.The total area of accommodation, which is under construction in residential complexes, is more than 1,265,000 square meters. The total area of residential complexes is more than 1000 hectares.The company "Etalon-Invest" was founded in 2006 and is a member of one of the largest developers in Russia - Group of companies "Etalon". "Etalon-Invest" represents the interests of GС "Etalon" in the Moscow region and implementing large investment projects in the sphere of housing construction.

For today, the "Etalon" Group's development portfolio in Moscow and the Moscow Region exceeds 1.7 million square meters of real estate.The largest project of "Etalon-Invest" is a residential micro district “Emerald Hills” in Krasnogorsk, in 9 km from the Moscow Ring Road on Volokolamsk highway.In addition, the company's portfolio has some project of residential real estate in Moscow, which are under construction.

In 2011, Etalon Group has successfully completed an initial public offering (IPO) of global depository receipts (GDR) and listing on the London Stock Exchange.