Ecodolie is an Ideal Variant of Development!

Ecodolie is an Ideal Variant of Development!

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Prime Minister, held the all-Russian videoconference via on low-rise construction a video link.

August 03, 2012

Housing in Ecodolie Settlements under the ‘Move-House’ Program of the ARHML

Since August 2012 customers can use the ‘Move-House’ unique program of the Agency for Restructuring of Housing Mortgage Lending (ARHML) to buy houses in low-rise settlements of Ecodolie Group of Companies. The ‘Move-House’ program - joint program-option of the Agency for House Mortgage Lending (AMHL) and the ARHML - is a short-term target loan for acquisition of new housing.  

The product helps buy new housing:

• in the same or any other city in the shortest possible time;

• with no initial fee and payment of related expenses;

• with no problems with guardianship and custody bodies;

• with the possibility to improve living conditions significantly, including by acquiring newly constructed items;

• with the possibility to use mortgage housing as a pledge;

• with no monthly service of the loan - with end of term repayment of the loan and interest charged (after sale of available housing).

The new ‘Move-House’ program’s client can:

• receive a loan secured by available real estate, even if mortgaged;

• receive a loan secured by available real estate at mortgage loan rates for acquisition of new housing (including housing in new buildings);

• use a loan as initial payment for mortgaged acquisition of housing;

• receive a loan without any earnings certificate;

• make a single repayment on maturity rather than making monthly payments;

• cover related expenses upon registration of purchases and sales of real estate items;

• save on interest, since the loan can be transferred in tranches (parts). The interest is charged not for the total amount of the loan, but only for the part granted.

See the projects’ websites and the ARHML’s website for more details