Ecodolie at ProEstate 2011

The Ecodolie Orenburg project and the Orenburg Region are winners of the All-Russian Contest of Integrated Development Projects held by the Russian Ministry for Regional Development.

The goal of the contest arranged by the Russian Ministry for Regional Development is to increase efficiency and distribute best integrated development practices.

The Orenburg Region and Ecodolie Orenburg received the First Degree Diploma and Crystal Cup for Contribution to Affordable Housing Development.

In addition, according to the contest rules we received one of the three Grand Prixs and received a diploma For Best Comprehensive Investment Project for Area Development.

The Grand Prix was given by the number of points in five nominations: For Contribution to Affordable Housing Market Development, For Effective Solution of Housing Affordability, For Improving Environmental Friendliness and Energy Efficiency of Regional Development and For Utility and Social Infrastructure Facilities for a Project.

The Ecodolie Belkino and Ecodolie Kaluga participated in the exhibition jointly with the Kaluga Region and received a Diploma For Contribution to the Real Estate Market Development in Russia from the Russian Ministry of Regional Development.