Ecodolie Group of Companies Summed up its Work in the First Half of 2013

Ecodolie Group of Companiesimplements 5 large-scale projects of complex low-rise construction in Russian regions. The total area of the Company’s land bank makes over 1,000 ha, the total area of housing construction – 1.1 mln. sq.m. The total amount of investments in the Company’s current projects makes RUB 45 billion. 

During the first half of 2013 Ecodolie Group of Companies commissioned over 16 thous. sq.m of low-rise housing in the Ecodolie Orenburg and Ecodolie Obninsk projects, which represents a 5% increase as compared to the same period of 2012. During this period the Company also launched new projects in the Samara and Sverdlovsk regions with the total investment over RUB 23 billion.

May 2013 saw the signature of a tripartite Cooperation Agreement with the Government of the Samara region. Since June 2013 the settlement started sales, construction of new residential items is in full swing. The first half of 2013 saw the launch of the Ecodolie project in the Sverdlovsk region (Yekaterinburg).

In March 2013 Ecodolie Group of Companies and OPIN Development Group signed the Contract of Sale of the Land Plot with the total area of 100 ha located in 16 km from Moscow to Dmitrov highway. The plot is meant for implementation of the complex territory development project for low-cost low-rise housing construction for over 3,000 people. The volume of the project investment will amount to RUB 12.7 billion.

At the end of May 2013, in the run-up to International Children's Day, the first 120-bed kindergarten was opened in Ecodolie Orenburg residential complex. It is planned to build two schools besides kindergartens in Ecodolie Orenburg settlement under public-private partnership.

Based on the results of the first half of 2013 over 49% of all housing in the Ecodolie projects are sold using mortgage funds. Ecodolie Group of Companies keeps on developing cooperation with leading Russian banks to make housing in its projects even more affordable.

As part of the Year of Environmental Protection the Company introduced the system of separate household waste collection in Ecodolie Orenburg residential complex. This practice will be distributed among all Ecodolie projects, which is stated in the Company’s environmental policy developed on the results of international environmental auditing annually conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In the first half of 2013 based on the results of competition arranged by Ivan Bortnik’s Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Sphere of Science and Technology the Ecodolie Belkino project was chosen for implementation of the Russia's first pilot regional project on introduction of Smart House and Smart Settlement system under the State Duma’s ‘Your House’ Program for Development of Low-Rise Housing Construction. In May, 2013 Ecodolie Belkino residential complex saw the launch of educational project for children aged 6-13 - Children's Eco Club.