Ecodolie Received Two NAMIKS Awards

On December 7, 2011, the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center hosted the NAMIKS National Award ceremony in low-rise residential construction as a part of Russian Investment and Construction Forum 2011. The Ecodolie Group with the Ecodolie Orenburg low-rise housing development project won awards in two nominations.

The most prestigious award was the Grand Prix for the Best Russian Low-Rise Housing Development Project which the Ecodolie Group was awarded for Ecodolie Orenburg. The Ecodolie Management Company won the award for the Best Investment Project in Low-Rise Housing Development.

Mr Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of the Ecodolie Management Company, accepted NAMIKS certificates and awards.

During the event, the Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Samara Region authorities. The parties agreed to join their forces to promote low-rise housing construction and develop an investment project in the Samara Region. The regional government agreed to provide maximum support to the Ecodolie Group in development of a project similar to the one currently developed in Orenburg.

NAMIKS is awarded as a part of the Svoy Dom (My Home) National Low-Rise Housing Development Program. The main goal of NAMIKS is to encourage enterprises and organizations with the best efficiency in their activities that made a significant contribution to the development of national low-rise housing construction and implementation of new technologies in this market as well as to determine development trends for this sector of the Russian economy. Promotion and public recognition of these organizations is intended to attract attention to them and share their experience with other enterprises of the country (industry) with the use of all available printed and electronic mass media.