EcoVillage Vesna 2011

On May 6 -17, EcoStandard Group performed an environmental audit and inspection for compliance with EcoVillage 2.0 (Land and Low-Rise Real Estate) standard of the National Bureau of Ecological Standards and Ratings at Ecodolie Belkino.

The following objectives were fulfilled during assessment:

• Analysis of location and general environmental situation in the district;

• Assessment of the impact of construction and operation on the environment and natural resources;

• Measuring the general background radiation in the area; measuring the power of exposure doses in different parts of the area;

• Measuring the electromagnetic field strength by the electric component and magnetic density in different parts of the area;

• Chemical air and soil tests, water testing;

• Environmental assessment of adjacent ecosystems;

• Analysis of architectural and construction solutions and technologies;

• Land improvement assessment;

• Surrounding infrastructure assessment;

• Assessment of the developer’s environmental liability.

Based on audit results, the housing development received an Ecovillage certificate confirming that it is safe for residents and that its impact on the environment is minimal.