The First Kindergarten was Opened in Ecodolie Orenburg Residential Complex!

On May 25, 2013 Ecodolie Orenburglow-rise settlement saw the outstanding event – opening of the first kindergarten! Very soon kids of one of the most advanced settlements of the Orenburg region will go to kindergarten warmly called Solnyshko!

The kindergraten’s opening ceremony in Ecodolie Orengurg settlement was attended by Yury Aleksandrovich Berg, Governor of the Orenburg Region, Elena Leonidovna Nikolaeva, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Housing Policy and Public Utility, President of the National Agency of Low-Rise and Cottage Construction (NAMIKS), Nikolay Sergeevich Valuev, Deputy of the State Duma, former world heavyweight champion, Andrey Krasov, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia, Member of the United Russia fraction, Member of the State Duma’s Committee on Defense, Konstantin Viktorovich Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company.

Yury Berg, Governor of the Orenburg Region, congratulated all parents and children, who have gathered that day to open the kindergarten in Ecodolie settlement with housewarming. Yury Aleksandrovich took personal part in groundbreaking of the kindergarten in October, 2011. And on that high day he granted the certificate for RUB 100,000 to Natalya Pavlovna Matveeva, Director of Solnyshko, for provision of equipment to the kindergarten:

Today is the remarkable holiday in Ecodolie settlement - we accept the house for our most prominent citizens – our children. I would be happy to see how they grow happy and healthy here. Today our state pays the greatest attention to development of preschool institutions. We already know that RUB 680 million will be granted to the Orenburg region for kindergartens from the President’s program, which has already been approved by the State Duma. Plus our program – RUB 500 million. This year we will spend almost RUB 1,200 million for the most prominent people of our region. And today I give thanks to the builders and architects of Ecodolie settlement. I think that following this kindergarten we need to build more and more. And it means that our people are engaged in upbringing of future Russian citizens. I wish you every happiness in your new home!

Elena Nikolaeva, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, remembered the beginning of Ecodolie Orenburg settlement construction a few years ago.

Not so long ago we put here the first stone, made the entrance unit, and many people had doubts, whether the big settlement and complex territory development would be successful. To date we already built 800 houses. By the end of the year there will be 1,000. And, of course, when the construction is so successful it is impossible to live without kindergartens. And it seems to me that we witnessed a minor miracle, because we managed to include this project in the ‘Dwelling’ federal target program, which helped grant funds under this program for construction of the kindergarten in Ecodolie settlement.

Elena Leonidovna also drew the audience’s attention to the fact that when the settlement had 1,000 houses, it would be the time to think about school. 

Nikolay Valuyev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, was impressed by the scale of Ecodolie Orendurg residential complex and admitted that he saw such a settlement for the first time:

Today even the nature celebrates this remarkable event together with us. I’m here for the first time, and I have never seen such large-scale settlements. I am very glad to see many young couples and mothers with children here today. Because children are our happiness, our future. And floating of children's laughter not only in courtyards, but in such wonderful kindergartens is an unaffected joy!

The kindergarten in Ecodolie Orenburg settlement was built at the expense of the regional budget. The kindergarten construction was also financially supported from the federal budget - in 2012 the kindergarten in Ecodolie Orenburg settlement was included in the ‘Dwelling’ federal target program. Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company, expressed his gratitude to all participants of the first preschool institution construction in the settlement:

Today I’m very pleased to attend such an event. In just 3 years we built almost the biggest settlement in Russia. Such project was, certainly, the result of competent and wise support from our state. Federal attention, help of the region and deputies of the State Duma. All Russia’s best practice was implemented in our project. Thanks to everyone, who believed in our project! May God give good luck to everyone, who will live here. And we in our turn will continue to build high-quality, affordable and very comfortable housing!

As part of the opening ceremony Evgeny Danilov, Director of the Ecodolie Orenburg project, presented to N.P. Matveeva, Director of the kindergarten, a symbolical key from the new kindergarten, and distinguished guests of the event cut a symbolical ribbon. The event ended with a tour through the new kindergarten, which was built and equipped according to the up-to-date requirements.

The kindergarten in Ecodolie Orenburg settlement is meant for 140 beds and groups for children of all ages. Each age group will have comfortable accommodation. Playgrounds for kids are equipped with special grassy covering and game equipment. Recreational territory for older children is equipped with tennis and skittles courts along with swings, balance weights, wall bars, etc. Kindergarten ‘Solnyshko’ fully justifies its name – modern, with game rooms, musical and sports halls it will be a cosy and comfortable ‘second home’ for children of Ecodolie settlement!