Ecodolie Orenburg Residential Complex was Presented at the Forum of Party Projects in Moscow

On May 17-18 Moscow hosted the Forum of Party Projects, the Media Forum and extended joint meeting of the Higher and General Council of the UNITED RUSSIA All-Russian Political Party.

When I come to Orenburg, to Ecodolie settlement, where the ‘Your House’ project is being implemented, and see happy young moms carrying their kids in prams, I understand – the project’s goal was achieved. These are the words of pilot-cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, Member of the Party’s Higher Council, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Leonov emphasized, ‘The settlement is near the city, there is a river nearby, each house has a land plot, fresh air, a park, school, kindergarten, all close by… Is this not anyone’s dream? I believe that everyone has the right to such happiness. And we are proud that the ‘Your House’ project really makes own house affordable for everyone’.

Let’s remember that on May 17-18 Moscow hosted the Forum of Party Projects, the Media Forum and extended joint meeting of the Party’s Higher and General Council, during which United Russia’s social and infrastructural projects were exhibited and presented. Among the Forum’s participants are residents of Orenburg – Alexander Mostovenko, Head of the Regional Executive Committee, Chairman of the Committee of the Orenburg City Council on Local Governance and Law-Making, Regional Coordinator of the Party’s ‘For Higher Yields!’ Project, and Andrey Ushakov, Deputy of the Orenburg City Council, Regional Coordinator of the ‘Heroes of Russia — Heroes of Our Courtyard’ Project.

‘For me Orenburg is, first of all, the city, where Yury Gagarin learned to fly. And, secondly, it is the city, where the Ecodolie project is being implemented, which I manage as the President of Vostok-Capital. We made everything that was planned and promised. We built houses according to the schedule, a kindergarten will be opened the other day. Everything started correctly, without delay, according to all documents and with almost no obstacles. As a result we built a remarkable settlement, where people live, young mothers wheel prams with kids. We can be proud that we build really affordable and comfortable housing’.

Alexander Kogan, resident of Orenburg, Member of the Party’s Higher Council, Minister of the Government of the Moscow Region on Shared Housing Construction, Slum and Dangerous Dwelling, is the Head of the ‘Your House’ federal party project, which was launched in the Orenburg region. According to him, an attractive own house can be bought at the price of a one-bedroom apartment. The project uses resource-saving technologies, thanks to which owners of such houses receive utility bills for an amount two and a half – three times lower than the amount payable by owners of ordinary houses of the similar area.

 ‘When in 2008 this project has just appeared, nobody believed that the whole house can cost as much as an apartment. Governors smiled condescendingly. The startup of the Orenburg region is nowadays highly successful in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, the Belgorod and Kaluga regions’, Alexander Kogan said,

Elena Nikolayeva, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Housing Policy and Public Utility, also noted, how important it is to know not only the price of houses, but also the price of its maintenance. She emphasized the project’s importance, ‘Today the issue of utility payments is especially topical. According to our estimates, application of new technologies increases the price per square meter by max 10% (until recently - by 20%) and helps significantly reduce energy and heat costs. Moreover, these houses are extremely comfortable. The air is easy to breathe here. These are the houses to live, love and give birth’.

The Deputy reported that there are plans to solemnly open a kindergarten in Ecodolie the other day built according to all modern requirements to energy saving and comfort.

 ‘People of the settlement and children will be able to take advantage of the building and make sure that energy saving technologies are effective. As well as the projects promoted by United Russia Party’, Nikolaeva said.