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Low-Rise Construction Is Growing Rapidly

In 2013 almost a half of all commissioned houses fell on low-rise buildings.


Interfax: Ecodolie Will Build a New Settlement in the Moscow Region

An organized low-rise housing settlement valued at RUB 12 billion will be built on Dmitrov highway in the Moscow Region.


‘A+ House’ Will be Built in Yekaterinburg

An article in Expert magazine about the visiting session in the sphere of energy-efficient construction in Yekaterinburg and presentation of the ‘A+ House’ project.


Ecodolie Group of Companies Summed up Its Work in 2013

In 2013 Ecodolie Group of Companies commissioned over 35 thous. sq.m of low-rise housing and launched new projects.


Ivan Kudryashov on Amendments to Federal Law 214

Ivan Kudryashov, Head of Legal Department of Ecodolie Group of Companies, told portal about nuances of effective amendments to Law 214-FZ


In 2014 We Will Build 600–700 Houses and Townhouses

Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company, tells Ekspert magazine about the company and its projects.


Dacha Amnesty Hinders Investments in Low-Rise Construction

IRN.RU visited Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company


Ecodolie Group of Companies Will Build a New Residential Complex in the Kaluga Region

Ecodolie Group of Companies signed a cooperation agreement with the Government of the Kaluga region.


Valentina Matvienko Visited Ecodolie

On September 26 Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, visited Ecodolie Orenburg residential complex during her official visit to the Orenburg region.


K.V. Filippishin's Interview to Greenevolution Portal

Konstantin Filippishin: It is impossible to work relying upon public consciousness – we need to prohibit bad construction and encourage good construction


RWAY: Ecodolie Group of Companies Summed up Its Results for the 1st Half of 2013

The total investments in Ecodolie Group of Companies’ current projects amounted to RUB 45 billion.


Ecodolie Group of Companies: New Horizons

Konstantin Filippishin about new projects and future plans.


Country Estate Is a Growing Market Segment

Olga Kisarina's interview to Novosti Rynka Nedvizhimosti magazine


Ecodolie Stirs Imagination!

The Ecodolie project was launched in Samara.


A Gift for Toddlers

The first kindergarten – Solnyshko – was opened in Ecodolie Orenburg residential complex


Mikhail Abyzov, Minister of the Russian Federation, Visited Ecodolie Belkino Residential Complex

On April 27, 2013 Mikhail Abyzov, Minister of Coordination of the Open Government, paid an official visit to Ecodolie Belkino residential complex


Future Belongs to Energy Saving Houses

Konstantin Filippishin told Stroitelnaya Orbita magazine about energy-efficient technologies in construction


Ecodolie and OPIN Signed a Land Plot Sales Contract

Ecodolie Group of Companies and OPIN Development Group signed the Land Plot Sales Contract.


Ecodolie Group of Companies Summed Up Its Results for 2012 Ecodolie Group of Companies summed up its results for 2012.


RWAY Released an Article on Energy-Efficient Experience of Ecodolie Group of Companies

Experts of Ecodolie Group of Companies told RWAY about experience and prospects of energy-efficient construction in Russia