Arguments and Facts. Capital of Energy Efficiency

The most energy-efficient homes in Russia are built in the Ecodolie development.

For two days the Ecodolie development turned into the Russian capital of energy efficiency. Guests from twenty Russian regions came to see with their own eyes how homes of the twenty-first century are built with the use of most advanced energy-efficient technologies.

The event was a part of the Interregional Meeting dedicated to current low-rise construction. The Orenburg Ecodolie housing development has become one of the first experimental grounds and an example of comfortable and affordable housing built for families with an average income.

Dreams Do Come True

The housing development was started in 2008 when the first stone of the future grand construction was laid in the Orenburg steppe. The primary investor of the project Baring Vostok Capital Partners in cooperation with regional authorities started developing the housing project of the future with no analogs in the Orenburg Region.

The construction was based on public private partnership. The region assigned 400 million dollars from the budget for the laying of utility lines to four housing developments including Ecodolie. Ecodolie promised to make the price per square meter in the future housing development affordable for families with an average income.

Today we can confidently say that partnership of the government and the private investor worked great. The development currently has 240 comfortable homes including two dozen homes with new residents and seventy homes where finishing work is under way which will be move-in ready in the near future. The Company plans to build over four thousand homes for over fifteen thousand future residents by 2016.

In the near future Ecodolie will also become the most “demographically active” housing development in the Orenburg Region. That is the reason the master plan includes four kindergartens for 140 children and two schools for 800 children each. As a part of the Interregional Meeting, the first stone was laid in the foundation of a kindergarten that will open its doors to 140 children in just a year and a half. The first stone was laid by Yury Berg, Governor of the Orenburg Region, Alexey Leonov, twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut and pilot and Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company.

“It gives me great joy to see our project come to life, to see a dream of beautiful, comfortable and affordable suburban housing come to reality”, said Alexey Leonov at the official ceremony. “Now it is hard to imagine that just a little over two years ago this place was just a bare steppe. We keep our promises. Now there are people living in here. House lights are on at night and streets are lit up. I have no doubt that we will soon hear children's laughter in the newly built kindergarten!"

How to Save on Utilities?

A special event for the new residents and guests was the commissioning of a unique twelve-apartment building constructed with the use of the latest energy efficient technologies. The entrance and staircases of the building are lit with LED light bulbs that consume fifteen times less energy than standard bulbs. Vacuum collectors are installed on the roof of the building. They heat up water with sunlight even in severe frost in the winter. Each apartment has heat regulators and timers to adjust temperature for most comfortable conditions. When a person leaves for work in the morning, an apartment is not heated during the day. By the time he comes home, the apartment will be heated to the comfortable temperature. Each apartment also has gas, electricity and water meters for every resident to see how much he/she uses.

“According to approximate estimates, residents of such buildings will save up to 40% on utility payments”, says Mr Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company. “There are 16 of such homes in Russia, and ours is one of the first. It is fully ready to be commissioned and people will soon move in”.

Stages of Comfort

Another important event in the life of the Ecodolie housing development was an official start of the second stage of construction. Its main distinction is in specially designed projects of one-storey detached homes with a price unprecedented for Orenburg. A beautiful home with land and all utilities can be purchased at a price of a one-bedroom apartment in the city. Another advantage is in convenient mortgage programs that accept federal subsidies for families with multiple children, military housing certificates and other types of government-funded social support.

“While we reduce the price per square meter, we do not save on quality”, says Mr Filippishin. “The homes by the level of comfort and exterior finish are not any different from the homes of the first construction stage”.

The company plans seven construction stages in the housing development. All construction and engineering work has been done in strict compliance with the schedule. No sites have been “frozen”, and each buyer knows exactly when he will get the key to his new home and when he will be able to move in at the time of signing the contract.


On the topic:

The design and concept of the Ecodolie housing development were recognized the best at numerous international investment exhibitions. The project was recently awarded with FIABCI Prix d’Exellence of the International Real Estate Federation. This is one of the most prestigious international real estate awards, an ‘Oscar’ of the real estate world held by FIABCI with support of The Wall Street Journal. Over 50 experts from various countries selected Ecodolie Orenburg as the winner in the Ecology nomination. Among award winners in different years there was the Paris Disneyland, the Trump Tower by Donald Trump and the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao (Spain).

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