Moskovsky Komsomolets Newspaper, No.42. Housing Development with a Heart

Housing Development with a Heart

 A unique energy efficient home is built in the Orenburg Region.

The innovative project of integrated low-rise housing development in progress in the Orenburg Region as a part of the Russian State Duma program My Home is making great progress. Just two years ago, the steppe wasteland just had several utility lines and the foundation of few homes, and now Ecodolie Orenburg is turning into a perfect housing development.

The launch of the second construction stage became an important milestone in this project. To satisfy housing demand, 249 homes have been built. Over forty housing units were commissioned last year. Twenty families are currently residing in the housing development. In the future, Ecodolie Orenburg will be a home to over fourteen thousand people.  The housing development will have all social infrastructure facilities to satisfy the residents’ needs and make their life comfortable. The project includes two schools, four kindergartens, a medical center, a pharmacy, shopping centers, a post office, an entertainment center and other facilities.

The official ceremony with participation of federal and municipal authorities, companies participating in the project and residents of the housing development was in addition to the start of the second construction stage marked by laying of the first stone of the first infrastructural facility in Ecodolie - a kindergarten. The families that have purchased homes in the housing development have 74 children of the preschool age, and next year their number is expected to reach 150 which makes building a kindergarten a priority.

The first stone of the kindergarten was laid by Yury Berg, Governor of the Orenburg Region, Alexey Leonov, President of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut and pilot and Plamen Grozdanov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Russia.

“We pay special attention to the construction of Ecodolie. This project is particularly significant due to the use of energy efficient technologies. With their help, we can not only provide comfortable homes to those who wish to purchase them and we can also provide housing to people under social programs”, said the Governor of the Orenburg Region.

The day was very special for twelve families from the Svetly housing development who received certificates for apartments in a new energy efficient home built with latest energy saving technologies.

“This project is an example of cooperation between state authorities, federal funds, the developer and many other companies. Today we are opening a 12-apartment energy efficient building which should become an example for the Orenburg Region of how to save energy and what structural concepts should be used in such buildings. We do not save on quality either”, said Mr Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie Management Company.

Smart Saving Technologies

The Ecodolie Group founded in October 2007 is the leader in low-rise affordable residential development in Russia. The Company’s mission is to satisfy a growing demand in quality low-rise housing at affordable prices. The Company’s fundamental principles are cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

An example of this concept is a recently commissioned twelve-apartment energy efficient building.

The building does not require traditional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply systems. It is heated with the heat generated by household appliances and alternative sources of energy, and hot water is supplied by renewable energy units. Western Europe has most practical experience in construction of energy efficient buildings. The Ecodolie group has proven that the concept of such homes is promising in Russia.

For instance, technologies used in the heating and water supply systems are based on solar collectors that take little space and create no discomfort upon operation. Walls are also built with energy saving in mind. Walls are foam concrete blocks with a thick layer of insulation encased in brick with a total thickness of 58 centimeters. Such wall construction technologies are the future of housing development in Russia.

These homes are comfortable and efficient. Residents will save up to 30-40% on their utilities.

“We need to learn to count how much we pay for utilities. The use of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources helps reduce such costs by several times. The Europe’s goal in 60 years is to use energy efficient technologies that should account for up to 80 percent. We are lagging behind in this area, and our main goal is to change this situation", said Mr Konstantin Tsitsin, General Director of the Housing and Utilities Fund.

This unique building is built with smart systems in metering devices for energy resources. For instance, all utilities can be monitored online. Technical innovations make the Ecodolie housing development and all houses in it classify as Class B by energy efficiency.

Another interesting project is a KAMA detached home based on the passive house concept equipped according to European standards. The project won the House of the Twenty-First Century award as the best low-rise economy-class residential project and was awarded in the Best Energy Efficient Solution nomination.

 Ecodolie is the first project in Russia satisfying international environmental standards. All residential homes are built with the use of advanced technologies including energy efficient solutions in saving energy resources providing for maximum comfort.

In four year the company and its projects received over ten awards in Russian and international contests.

Among them, the most prestigious award is FIABCI Prix d’Exellence, the highest award of the International Real Estate Federation for Ecodolie Orenburg which was reviewed by over 50 experts from different countries and recognized as the winner in the Ecology nomination.

The company’s management and staff however believe that the most important factor is recognition by residents of the Orenburg Region that move in the housing development. With each day their number is growing.

 Konstantin KOPYLOV

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