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Low-Start Construction: Start of Great Things


The Russian government develops the Program of Low-Rise Housing Construction. Everyone in the city knows that in the framework of this program with support of the Kaluga Region Government, a low-rise housing development Ecodolie is being built close to Belkino. However many people still are not aware of the state of affairs, the basis of houses being built, what they are built from and what work has already been done. We decided to ask  Mr Konstantin Filippishin, General Director of Ecodolie, all these questions.


Mr Filippishin, how do you see prospects of low-rise residential construction in Obninsk?

Federal and regional authorities have been paying considerable attention to low-rise housing. Several projects are being implemented in Obninsk including our Ecodolie Belkino. Many people in Obninsk would like to change their small apartment to a roomy cottage. That gives us reasons to believe that low-rise housing will continue to develop in Obninsk.

That is true. Many people dream of “their own home”. It is not convenient however when a home is far from work, when you cannot register in it and when you have to change your registered address from the city to regional.

Is that true that Ecodolie Belkino is a part of Obninsk?

Yes, it is. According to Obninsk Master Plan, the housing development is within the city limits. Therefore, Belkino will be within the city. That means residents of Belkino will be residents of the city.

Have you done everything according to law? Do you have all permits and approvals?

Certainly. We have obtained all documents required for construction.

What is the situation with utilities? What is the engineering infrastructure of Ecodolie Belkino?

All engineering networks are centralized, supervised by the city, inspected on a mandatory basis and will be serviced by the City Utilities. It means quality, no interruptions and payments will be the same as for an apartment.

The housing development has all technical conditions for connection to utilities (power, gas and water supply, water discharge, communication networks). Next year we plan to build and connect utility lines.

Many people are concerned about the land being leased.

Is that true that anyone who purchased a house in Ecodolie can also purchase the land?

What is needed to be done to purchase land?

All is very simple. Anyone who purchased a home in Ecodolie needs to file a request with the Property and Land Relations Department of the City Administration.

They will draft a land sale contract and provide it for signing. After state registration of title transfer, the buyer becomes a happy owner of land in the city of Obninsk.

Are any additional documents required to purchase land?

The following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Application (a sample can be obtained from the Department);
  2. Copy of ownership certificate for a detached house;
  3. Copy of a cadastral certificate of land on which a detached house is located;
  4. Copy of passport and banking details (to be included in the contract).

These are all required documents, and it is all pretty simple.

Who reviews requests for purchasing land? Who expensive will the land be?

Let me answer the first question.

A request is considered and a sale contract is drafted within 30 days after it is submitted with all required documents.

The price of land is ten times the land tax rate per unit of land area. In 2011 the tax rate is expected at 0.05% of the cadastral cost of land tax. That means that an average lot of 800 square meters will cost 7,000 rubles. However after January 1, 2012, land will be sold at cadastral price (buyers will have to pay 5% of the price). The price for the same lot will be 65,000 rubles which is still a small price for land in Obninsk.

Thank you very much. You explained the situation. Last question, what will be done for residents of the housing development? Will it have a store and other infrastructure?

Yes, certainly. The housing development will have a kindergarten, a police station, a pharmacy, a café, in other words, everything required for living. It will also have sports and children’s playgrounds, parking lots and common areas.

Mr Filippishin, thank you so much.

And Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all readers of the Obninsky Vestnik! Let good luck be with them in the New Year. And for those who will want to move to a new house – let the new house be comfortable!

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