Regnum Information Agency. Unique Energy Efficient House Built in the Orenburg Region

Twelve families from the Svetlinsky district in Orenburg received certificates for apartments in an energy efficient house built in the low-rise housing development Ecodolie Orenburg. They will receive new apartments as a part of the social program for liquidation of old and unsuitable housing. That was reported to a correspondent of  REGNUM Information Agency in the press service of the Governor and the Orenburg Region authorities.

“The fundamental principle of an energy efficient home is the use of all available heat conservation capabilities. Such building does not require traditional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply systems. It is heated with the heat generated by household appliances and alternative sources of energy, and hot water is supplied by renewable energy units. Western Europe has the most practical experience in building passive homes and this concept is also very promising for Russia”, reported the press service.

Governor Yury Berg said that the Orenburg Region has for several years been implementing projects in residential construction as a part of a high priority national project. According to the Governor, in a difficult economic situation, low-rise houses became an effective anti-crisis mechanism promoting development of the construction industry.

He assured that in the future regional authorities will use best efforts to facilitate new modern housing developments providing residents with affordable and comfortable housing.

Ms Yelena Nikolayeva, President of the National Agency for Low-Rise and Cottage Construction, said that the Orenburg Region is the first in Russia to adopt a low-rise housing development program. The first energy efficient home with practically no analogs in Russia has been commissioned today. This project has won the Best Energy Efficient Solution award.

Источник: Regnum IA