Ecodolie Samara

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Ecodolie Samara residential complex is a low-rise construction project implemented under the Ecodolie brand in the Samara region, near Belozerki village of Krasnoyarsk District. The settlement’s total area will make 222 ha, of which 35 ha are meant for recreational areas and infrastructure, including planned schools, kindergartens, shops, etc.

The residential area in the Samara region will include various types of low-rise housing - houses of 57 to 393 sq.m, townhouses of 88 to 130 sq.m and duplexes of 58 sq.m. The total area of apartments and individual houses in the settlement will make 255,000 sq.m, the number of housing units — 2,800.

Currently already built more than 60 housing units total area of 7 000 sq. m.

All houses in the residential complex are built using the world’s best practices and innovative technologies. The settlement is meant for the population of 5,500 persons and will be connected to central utility lines.